Hospital Tours

Hospital Tours

If you would like to tour the hospital let us know. If it is during a slow time, we love to show people around the clinic. However, sometimes it is busy with surgeries, emergencies, and sick animals. If this is the case, it is not always an appropriate time to take clients out to the treatment areas. In that case, we will give you a “rain check” and show you around at another time.

Visiting Your Pet

Often a sick animal needs to be hospitalized in order for us to give it the best care and treatment that it needs. This may only be for a day or it can be for a number of days. We understand that it can be hard for owners and pets to be apart. We welcome clients visiting with their pets during regular office hours or on weekends if it is arranged with the veterinarian on-call. Please ask at the front desk about this, and a staff member will take you to your pet.

Group Tours

Dr. Nancy Ridder does group tours of the clinic. The best group size is 10 people or under at one time. If there are more, we will split up the group. The tour takes about 1 hour and revolves around “Wrinkles”; a well loved stuffed dog that the owner complains is vomiting. She will take you through the examination process, the diagnostic process and finally the treatment. During these processes, we move through the clinic explaining each area, while having an enjoyable time. There is some hands on of some equipment. It is ideal for ages 6 years and up. We have done these for the daycare and Cubs. If you would like to arrange for one of these tours, please call and ask for┬áCarol, our┬áhospital manager.