Avian Medicine and Surgery

We do provide medical assessments and can perform some surgical procedures for birds. Birds have very special requirements and not every bird species has the same requirements. A cockatiel is probably as closely related to a canary as a dog is related to a cat. We can see many management- related diseases. Many of these diseases can be prevented with the appropriate knowledge of their nutritional and environmental requirements. Research continual improves on our knowledge of these.

If we are unable to help with your bird’s problem, we will consult with a specialist or refer you to one. Other services that we do in birds are:

  • Beak and toe nail trims – It is very important not to hit the quick and cause bleeding as it does not take much blood loss to cause shock in a tiny bird
  • Blood sexing – Blood is sent to a lab for DNA analysis
  • Wing Clipping – We clip the mature flight feathers, which is a completely pain free procedure. The bird can still land softly but is no longer able to take off. The flight feathers will get replaced at the next molt and they will need to be clipped again.